Welcome to Fashion Ascension

My first blog as a resident of a virtual world. I am Cerrie Janus, run of the mill girl and purveyor of the shopping scene. As most, my style has evolved from that first coif, girl next door outfit and shall we say “interesting” skin to the fashion conscious being I am today.

This virtual world is nothing if not the perfect shopping environment. No driving across town, circling vulture like for a prime parking spot and battling the minions in the hopes of finding that perfect accessory that you have been needing all your life.

I have hopped to and fro in this virtual world looking for just the thing I needed to complete my outfit and with my brimming inventory I have brought myself to this blog, Fashion Ascension. My hope? To hit the glass ceiling and bust my way through.

This entry was posted by Cerrie Janus.

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