Color Me Happy

Tag Mulligan has a small store called Color Me Couture (CMC for short) with some funky fun styles for both men and women. They are reasonably priced and right now all styles are on sale for 50L. Tag gave me 2 styles to look at and I love them both. Willa is short with adorable thick chunky bangs and Scarlette is an sloppy updo with tendrils and whispy bangs.

While I was at the store the Lucky Chair just happened to come up with “C” and I received the Willa style in brown.

I did have to do some minor moving on Scarlette to make the hairline on the forehead a little more smooth. It was a simple and minor move but I can see where it might throw someone newer to this virtual world off.

I also grabbed these two demos for styles I just love Riley and Tara but I can’t decide on which color I want :) Demos come in this great gun metal grey color (I think he should sell this!) As for all hair they come in 4 colors; blonde, auburn, brown and black.

Now this may be due to them being a demo version there are some minor moves that you may need to do to get them to look just right. He also gave away a cute sideswept ‘do to his group once it reached 50! This is Carolyna in Dirty (blonde)

So run, don’t walk, to Color Me Coutour and grab some hair while the sale is on, join the group for a cute freebie and tell all your friends as he has promised another goodie when the group reaches 100 members. Be sure to also check for Tag’s retired styles on SLExchange.

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