Section 101 Opening Saturday

Rising from the sandy desert a metal monstrosity comes into view. It belches steam and smoke, burning cans of a toxic green sludge can be seen flickering. What is this rusted behemoth? Section 101, the brain child of co-creators Pixel Price and Bjorn Collins, a factory and club that will be unleashed on the grid this Saturday. I spoke to Pixel about the new club located at The Great Fissure on the Wasteland sim.

Pixel explained that he and Bjorn had each come to the Wastelands with different ventures in mind; Pixel wanting a shop and Bjorn wanting a club. The two collaborated, came up with a design and construction began. Pixel focused on the outside build of the factory and the texturing. The textures are very rich and realistic, there are little details everywhere.

Taking the elevator down below ground you enter the club. There is a large dance floor with an elevated DJ booth. Two bars one aptly named the Sludge-Inn. (Beware of Pixel’s brew!) If the ‘sludge’ doesn’t get you the Hookah Room complete with psychedelic artwork and a place for cuddling should.

I asked Pixel what was the driving force behind Section 101? “Well, I needed to do this. People need this. We kinda all need this in some way – the Section is much more than just a regular club, it’s the spirit of something…shall we say different.” When you step back and look at what you have done what do you think? “That’s a good question. I feel kinda [like I’ll be] soon finished with it. I like it, it’s almost what I had imagined it to be. We though yet have to see what it will become when it takes off. I’m excited about it!”

Pixel Price
Section 101 grand opening Saturday, December 8th at 2 pm SLT. Live DJ line up: Matias Sewall aka Andy Moon, DJ Osiris and Bibdui Babenco.
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