Christmas Goodies

Well since it ’tis the season’ and everyone is going overboard with the holiday cheer (I’m certainly not complaining!) I thought I would show you some of my favorite gifts and looks for the holiday.

SD Wear has a lovely dress for 25 L at the front of their store, which you should certainly check out. It is also a limited time offer so hurry! The dress is lovely with a simple pattern, the bodice is perfectly cut and it comes with 2 lengths of skirts.
The short has a sheer layer at the bottom and the there is also a full length. The skirts are constructed very well and required only a little editing to line up on my body. Whoosh, you should see them when you dance! I am wearing shoes from Alchemy that has their daily advent calendar out, these are the stars in silver glitter.

I added the lovely and free snowman necklace and earring set from Body Politik.

Here is my very lovely friend Dolci in Ivalde’s advent gift from yesterday. The skirt has a subtle darkening bleed to the bottom and flows beautifully when you dance and walk. There is a twinkling little broach on the bodice so she choose shoes from Alchemy in red velvet and gold and color changing beads. She’s so demure!

Now all we need is a Holiday Ball and we will be set!! Links will follow when I have a chance to get back in world!
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