My Fetching Self is Showing No Mercy!

Let me start by saying that most small grunge or rocker inspired stores don’t typically hold my interest. You find the same wares from store to store. Then you walk into No Mercy. The owners were there yesterday to greet shoppers and my eyes lit up as I perused their goods. They have several holiday inspired items: a snowflake tattoo for under your eye, a thigh strap for carrying those candy canes you collect, a muffler to keep the chill off. I was immediately drawn to the pullover with dirty red and white stripes.

Crisp texture and a huge steal at 80L. I also debated several shirts but finally landed on Fear, a blood stained tank that lets everyone know why you have that muffler on…brrr.

In the upper coner of the store you see customizable tattoos. I was skeptical but at 200L with a whole host of clothing options and a very patient Odin Flow, shop owner, I slap on the finished product…NICE INDEED!

I then zapped myself on over to Fetch. Now I am posting a disclaimer here peeps…guard your clams they seem to just fly out of your little electronic wallet in this store! Hands down, you must purchase every pair of jeans here. They are fabulously fashioned to hug all the right places and show just enough of this and that without giving away the goodies.

There is a trio of jackets and shirts that look so real you expect to reach out and touch them and feel the lush fabrics! It almost looks like they have prim attachments, nope, just great texture work.

Again I was pleased to have the owner Vanessa Cardway there. I had mentioned seeing a pair of the jeans in an ad at a store and was instantly in love with them! (Did I mention how incredible the jeans are?) I’m off to model my new pooper huggers…wish me well….

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