Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

I simply love Tableau. I first stumbled upon it when it was a barren desert; tumble weeds, dust devils, and an unfortunate animal that got in a cars way. I shopped to my hearts content and even brought friends a few times. Then one day on a house hunt I again found myself wandering the now New Orleans inspired streets of the revamped Tableau. Live oaks grace the city center, Voodoo can be found in back rooms of shops and an old house with shady past line the cobbled walk ways.

This dark and beautiful sim is home to Nylon Outfitter and Fashionably Dead. If you haven’t been there, you should most certainly put it on your list of places to hit. I met Nylon Pinkney and Toast Bard for the first time the other night. They joined Dolci and I at the terrace cafe and let me tell you these two are the center of the universe. You have to be careful or you will find yourself terribly confused and 10 minutes behind in a conversation that has only been going on a minute or two. Their respective stores are bright and fun and teaming with all sort of goodies that you of course cannot live without.

I was coveting Nylon’s so I ran over and picked one up (three actually in the set). Now if you have never been to Nylon Outfitters or Fashionably Dead you really have to spend time on their vendors looking everything over. Everything is hand drawn and they a style all it’s own. It is something like surf party meets summer vacation 50’s mom with a dash of “Does this make my ass look big? It does? Fabulous!!” thrown in for good measure.

Then I stopped into Fashionably Dead for these most chic glasses. How could I have even thought of passing them up? And while I was there I of course had to get the Jellies, a true throw back to the 80’s on that one!

Then while I was all done up fantastic like I thought it best to hit the hidden club for a quick Karaoke. I brought the house down! “Elvis has left the building…”

Shirley in burgundy – Fashionably Dead [FD]
Ultimate Bugeye glasses (black frame) – FD
Green Puffy Ribbed Jacket – Nylon Outfitters [NO]
Heartpin (from freebie box) – NO
Brown button cargos – NO
Jellies in strawberry – FD
Skin in Toast (freebie box) – NO

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