Baby, It’s Cold Outside

So with Christmas behind us and the New Year looming ahead I decided that today would be a good day to curl up in something soft, warm and relaxed. With that I of course think of over sized velvet chairs that you sink into and wrap around you like your big Uncle Albert and his bear hugs. Being that is not my particular taste in furniture I was at a bit of a loss as to where to find such wares. Then I remembered a lovely settee at one of my favorite stores. Zip Zap, I find myself roaming Furniture at Rustica. To call this store amazing vastly understates the incredible items by Maxwell Graf. He was in the midst of an interview when I popped in and though I was not actually watching what he was showing the interviewer she was clearly bowled over and I have to say that the items I “test” sat were nothing short of genius! I found the perfect settee and snapped a few shots.

I loved the apparent warmth of the textures and it was exactly what I was wanting for this particular post. I saw this silk sweater at Second Wave Apparel and had to have it. It has a lovely shine and a delicate design. The show stopping element is the beautiful drape affect in the back which reveals my tattoos in a bit of a dramatic display.

I finished my look off with my new most favorite bun lovin’ jeans and some simple heels. Now all I need is someone cozy to canoodle with and well, what more could a girl ask for?


GarboSweater RedSilk Dragon – Second Wave Apparel by Sioxie Legend
Brushed Metal Bracelets – Imperial Elegance by Sai Pennell

LF Trusty Jeans in dark – LF Fashions by Launa Fauna
Nimah in rose – Vamp Fine Footwear by Lyra Muse
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