Happy New Year!

So in peeking at the blogs today I see a few things happening; people are making lists of designers, cobblers and animators (Sofia is brilliant) to watch and new year’s resolutions. I am going to follow suit with a few lists of my own.

In reading Sofia Gray (who can currently be read on the MichaMi blog) made a list of peeps to keep an I on. And though I agree with her folks to watch , she is looking mostly at some well established names that are by and far ALWAYS watched. So I am going to put a few names out there that I have found have beautiful designs but are not in the current mainstream.

Clothing ~ Jonathan Hugo of Fuse. Fuse has a small line but I can see big things are on the horizon. He has great textures and a good eye for lines. If you have not been over check out his recently released Snakeskin dress, stunning and sexy!

Shoes ~ Aphrodite Outlander of Aphrodite Creations. Recently she released a line of shoes called Serenity. She paid close attention to something very realistic, a simple crease. I don’t know about you but I have never worn a pair of shoes that did not show wear! Attention to a detail such as that not to mention completely sexy kicks to boot and she definitely gets placed on my watch list. Additionally she has a small collection of lovely items, great styles of dresses with interesting and eye catching colors.

Hair ~ Marina Puff of Candy House. Soft, wispy and fun. I love her hair and when I found them I bought one of everything. Styles look silky smooth and if I recall correctly not a single is priced over $120L. Days later I see she had released yet another fun do and well I had to get that one too. More to come? I certainly hope so.

Skin ~ Stephanie Misfit of La Sylphide. Beautifully created skins in 3 shades and a promising showing of what is to come. The face detail is wonderful, I am particularly fond of the eye brows and the pouty lips and the subtle shading. She will be the buzz on the grid I foresee!

Animations ~ Sai Pennell of Imperial Elegance. I just like the sweet look of her couples poses. Her singles are fresh and fun and I think that she has a hand for it. Keep your ear to the ground on this one.

Now on to some resolutions. I tend to not make these in RL but thought perhaps some in this virtual world would be a good idea. I resolve to…

  1. …blog everyday. I have things to say and ideas to share. No one may be reading this but perseverance!
  2. …begin some sort of business. I would love to help those poor lost newbs out with a look less, well new.
  3. …learn my art programs so that I can make something, anything. Why and I spending my dinero on things I know I can make. Tis silly spending!
  4. …spend less. I know, I know, this is a laughable one but in the afore-mentioned learn art programs, if I really do this, I will spend less moolah!
  5. …attend at least one fashion show. Really I have been meaning to do this but seems I never actually make it over. The line of work I want to get into, well hitting a show certainly couldn’t hurt!

Ok, well that is all I can wrap my brain around for now. I truly hope that this year will bring new and fantasticness to the grid. As someone near and dear to me keeps saying, it will be great in 2008. Cheers all!

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