Ciao Bella!

I decided that it was time I pay a visit to Italy, Venice to be exact. I wandered the streets, smelled the flowers, took in the breath taking artwork in the cathedral and topped it all off with a relaxing ride in a gondola.

Being that Italy is one of the fashion capitals of the world I felt compelled to put my best foot forward. I opted for something casual but classy. Eye popping red and white fit the bill today. And because I have been dying to wear them, I chose loose cargo pants and stepped into a pair of wedges. Accentuated with some lovely gold accessories and look out Italy here I come.

Wearing ~

Plain white shirt – Ash Style
Cupcake! Button sweater in dark red – Hiccup
Gold ring belt – Woot, I made that!
Loose Fit Cargo in olive – Truth
Wedge Pumps in red – ETD
**Jewelry – (I will do my best but I believe these were free items from boxes back in the day)
Trinity Gold color changing choker and flexi earrings set to dark red – Purple Rose Jewelry
Palm Court Bracelet (gold) – Dellybeans Gem Gallery

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