A little bit of Jazz

I got a notice yesterday from Aphrodite Outlander saying she had made her second pair of shoes so off I go to check them out. She has again hit a home run with the AC Vintish shoe. I was immediately drawn to the beautiful colors and chose the style in yellow. *Cerrie digs in her inventory for something to wear* Ok, so what I have come up with is something I actually have never worn (I didn’t have shoes to go with it :o) I put a whole outfit together and I am not sure it is what I am wanting, my friend Laz Larsson to the rescue. He assured me that it was a GOOD look. I think the analogy he used was the Warner Brothers wolf whose eyes bug out of his head, steam blows from his ears and the waggling tongue. Well…my…um…hehehe…thank you!

Laz is doing his best Schroeder impression and I have to say there is just something about jazzy piano tunes; I was reminiscent of a few movies. (Fabulous Baker Boys, namely)

This whole outfit was built around Aphrodite’s new shoes. They come in 9 colors and there are also 5 art colors. As I stated in a previous post, she is definitely one to keep an eye on!!

Wearing ~

Industrial Chain and cuffs in black – Shiny Things
Liquid Latex bra top in black – X3D (Now Digit Darkes)
Cowl neck to in mustardX3D
Metallic tights in black – Armidi Limited
Fishnet tights in black – WRONG
AC Vinish in yellow – Aphrodite Creations

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