Sweater LOVE!

Sweaters are all the rage this season. With the new sculpted prims they are so cozy looking you can’t help but to want to buy every well designed one you come across. I am guilty of becoming a big time “sweater girl”. This particular sweater is a LeeZu Baxter design but let me tell you Veschi, MG Fashion and Cubic and Body Politik are turning out fabulous designs and don’t even get me started on the textures!

This is one of my favorites. I love the off the shoulder look, and the pile of cuffs. I got it in a beige color which by proxy screams warm to me (makes me think of mashed potatoes, the ultimate comfort food). I also put a simple cami under it, I like the idea of hinting that lovely silk or satin may lie underneath. Finishing it off with jeans a wide double fastened belt and a suede heel.

Wearing ~

Sweater – WoolPulli in Beige LBD
Cami – Mocha Stretch singlet (from Elan outfit) from Cloe Tomsen
Jeans – Classic skinny leg with prim cuffs in dark Armidi Limited
Belt – Stitched in brown from Refuge
Shoes -Clara Slingbacks in brown from Shiny Things

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