Jewel in the Rough

Whew, I have been in a bit of a fashion slump. Seemed everything I put on I felt blah about. Creators Pavilion came charging in and saved me from my doldrums. Creators Pavilion is a collection of some of the finest (and some aspiring) Japanese designers on the grid. They are having a huge New Year sale, my original reason for the visit, but then you wander off from the sale area and find surprise after surprise and you leave feeling hugged up in all sorts of goodies. My favorite of the lot is DP Serendipity created by Masuri Dryke. I think I bought one of everything in her tiny shop. When I saw this great tartan dress I thought it would be a perfect look for a visit to The Far Away. Plaid and wheat field go together like eggs and bacon, peas and carrots, leather and lace…OK I’m sure you get my drift!

The dress is just adorable. I love the way it moves and the tiny details like the silver buttons on the cuffs, the fine lace underskirt of the dress, the cute little leather tie in the front. This dress also has a bonus goodie, a half shirt with a tie. How I love getting additional items included that could have been sold separately. And the price is ridiculous at only $125L. Masuri is an absolute delight and I hope she continues creating great clothing. Stop by Creators Pavilion when you have time to look in every store and discover the hidden beauty they have achieved.

Wearing ~

Earrings – Ingrid from Second Mirage (advent gift)
Dress – Tartan in red from DP Serendipity
Socks – Slouch socks in red from Maitreya
Boots – Warm leather boots from bare Rose (Free, can ya believe it?)

Poses – Juicy at La Reina multiple from packs available

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