I scream…You scream…

We all scream for….Creamshop!!
In the many sides of my eclectic pixelated chick you find a fresh, funky, and mostly quirky lass. Sazae Yoshikawa, creator behind Creamshop, delivers fantastically fun clothing and hair that are perfectly in line with that style. She mixes system layers with standard prim and sculpty attachments, the result you may be asking? Well take a look.

This dress is a little dark and mismatched and the odd colors seem to make me think of those heinous outfits my mother used to make me wear on picture day, but I simply love it. With its high collar and the overly poofy sleeves, the two tone skirt when it really get moving is a flash or color and layering, genius in a word. The hair has tendrils that float around and the thought of trying to run a brush through it frankly scares me but it fits so well with the fun look of the dress you can’t help but find it endearing!

This to me is a great display of what a tomboy girl forced to wear a dress would look like. It is not overly girly in color or style, every rough and tumble girls dream!

Wearing ~

Hair – Kiwi in black from Creamshop
Earrings – Plantains from Yummy (I think)
Dress – Dalmatian in green from Creamshop
Socks – Slouch sock in green Maitreya
Shoes – Frog ballet slippers from VIVA (believe this is a free item)
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