Hangin’ Out

I am having a lack of focus these last days. I am still in a clothing euphoric bliss caused by my overspending shopping spree at Last Call. This sick part of that is I am sure I will go back for more. Do they have addiction specialists in world? Ha!

So, this is really sort of a random blog about nothing in particular. It is a little like a Seinfeld episode only I dance better than Elaine, I have more hair than George and not quite as retro as Cosmo. Ok, pulling this one out of no where but let me create a list of items that every fashion conscious lass should have in her wardrobe.

Black Pants
A pair of black pants. I have un plethora in different styles. High waisted pants are really popular right now, but really look for ones that has some actual texture to it. Anyone can make a pair of maxed out black system pants.
Shopping guide: G.L.A.M., Gilly’s, Wrong

A crisp, collared shirt that can be worn under jackets, sweaters and vests or alone. I am all about layering, but be wary of badly created prim collars.
Shopping guide: Ash Style, (Heart) Cupcakes, Blaze

Prim Sweater
Scoop neck, cowl neck or your standard turtleneck sweaters are making a strong showing right now because of our new friend the sculpted prim. It does not matter if it is long-sleeved or sleeveless, as long as it is a good texture and the prims fit well. Shopping guide: Veschi, MG Fashions, Cubic

Camisole or Tank Top
One of the most versatile wardrobe items is a feminine camisole or lingerie top. They are excellent for adding a little girly touch, or for layering with sweaters, jackets or under a sheer top.

No woman can be without a pair of great-fitting jeans. Once you find the perfect pair of jeans you’ll never want to take them off. I’m talking fitted jeans with great lines that you can dress up or wear casually. Personally, I prefer dark denim, but I believe it is good to add variety and include at least one pair of jeans in a different shade. Jeans are one item of clothing that you may want to consider spending a bit more money on especially when the seams are well matched and they come with additional pieces, i.e. Capri length, skinny style, classic system, prim cuffs and sculpted legs. Shopping guide: Armidi Limited, LF Fashions, Fetch

The Little Black Dress

Every woman should have one that makes her feel sexy and sophisticated. It is more than just the standard black in my book. It is that simply stated elegant dress that you can wear dancing or just in an everyday sort of situation. Shopping guide: (Heart) Cupcakes, Immortelle, Icing

This is sort of a broad topic but with specific ideas. I believe that there are 5 items that you MUST have in your inventory: hats, belts, gloves, glasses, scarves. Hats – should be flattering and well made. The new sculpty hat/hair combos are a must. Belts – the possibilities are endless but try and go with something interesting and funky. Gloves – a variety of styles, materials and lengths. Glasses – be they reading glasses or shades a few in the hottest looks can make an outfit POP! Scarves – aim for cute piles or interesting textures and flexi movements. Additional items you may want to have, a few cute handbags, though many don’t work with AO’s. Shopping guide: Belts – Armidi Gisaci, Refuge; Hats – Chateau Tres Migion, Elegance Hats, ETD; Gloves – Tete a Pied, Saavy?; Scarves – Artilleri, BP, Cream Shop; Handbags – G.L.A.M., Paper Couture

Like any girl, I have a weakness for shoes. I should also stress that shoes are key to capping off a great look. To me, there are three shoes (at the very least) that every girl should own. First is a great pair of heels that you can wear under jeans or with a skirt. Second is a great pair of flats. Flats go well with jeans whether cuffed or otherwise, as well as skirts of all styles and shapes. Third is a pair of boots that add sophistication to your look. Color here is good, aubergine, teal, magenta. Shopping guide: Aphrodite’s Creations, Surf Club, Digital Dragon Designs, Tesla, Maitreya

I am going to leave this open but it is the icing on the cake. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings; think realism. Shopping guide: Muse, Cailyn, Bonita’s, Paper Couture
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