City Living

I love living and working in a big city. A big part of that love is seeing the fashionable ladies going to and fro, wondering where she got the boots or the scarf or the great coat. This look was inspired by a lady I saw braving the elements to show off her style. So Fifi and I headed out, grabbed a latte and hit the streets.

We are at the Warner Brothers sim, Home to Gossip Girls. From what I hear it is truly a guilty pleasure for many. It is very well done, great textures and nice attention to detail. It gets points for that but the newbs running about asking for money and jobs I could have done without. I realize this is the price you get for going to a newb playground but hmmm, don’t bug people. Oof, enough of that, back to the regularly scheduled program.

I went with all black for this look, Something about that to me screams confidence and glam chic. I added a peek of azure with a high collared tank iced myself up with pearls and sapphires. I feel I am ready to take on what the city has to throw at me!

Wearing ~

Shades – Bug Eye Glasses in plain black frame from Fashionably Dead
Earrings and ring – Sapphire Shine from La Comtress
Bracelet and choker – Simple Freshwater pearls from La Comtress
Coat – Stressed coat in black and black lycra tights from G.L.A.M.
Tank – Jeweled tank in azure from G.L.A.M.
Shoes – AC Serenity in black from Aphrodite’s Creations

Heart Compac and Cotton Candy lip gloss tube from Miam Miam
Fifi from Differentpath Designs

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