The Courtship of Cerrie

At the end of the observatory bar sits a distinguished looking man. It appears life has been good to him, he is well dressed, well groomed and carries a cane with a large ruby topper. This is no chance meeting, I have been seeking out this wealthy railroad tycoon, Colonel Copperfist, I admit, for financial gain. He peers at me through his monocle, sizing me up. We begin to talk and I assure you I dazzled him with my wit, my humor, my “assets”. I had to play this one right, I didn’t want to spook him and have him running for the cookie cupboard.

“Sir, you look so dashing in your suit.” “The tycooning business has been good to me” I think at this point he took a wad of cash from his pocket and slapped me with it. I tried to play it cool, coy, demure but my resolve was weakening. “I have always liked choo choo trains” I say with a glint in my eye. He hands me a handkerchief, “You have something in your eye…”

I see I will have to pull out the big guns, I cuddle up close, and pull out my best pouty lips and breathily tell him, “I was a gymnast when I was younger.” I twirl my fingers in his beard and moustache, yes I know this may have been a bit of overkill but mama needs a new pair of shoes. “Come with me to my beach home in the Hampton’s” he says confident I will bow to his beckoning. Shocked at his brazen implication I will accompany him on such an outing, I bite my lower lip in deep concentration. “What shall I pack?” OK, I cannot deny this cute ,round, little man. I’m off to the Hampton’s….

Wearing ~

Dress – Royal from Last Call
Gloves – Leather gloves long in black from Tete a Pied
Bracelets – Brushed silver from Imperial Elegance
Necklace and earrings – Tess from Second Mirage (advent gift)
Shoes – AC Vintish (group gift) from Aphrodite’s Creations

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