Pillow Fights and Junk Food

I am in the funniest, funkiest of moods. So I decided I needed to have a slumber party. Who better to invite along on my fun than Ms. Fun herself, Dolci Woodget. We geared up with tunes, plenty of junk food and our best facial supplies and set in for a fun night.

I had time for a quick entry in my diary before the real fun got going. “Dear diary, today I saw Mr. Wonderful and we went dancing. Then he kis….” That sneaky Dolci was peeking over my shoulder while I was lamenting about my special someone.

Hahaha, Dolci you got bunny ears! Doesn’t it look like I have those rollers rolled a little too tight?

Secrets do make friends, though I didn’t know she would be quite so shocked. Really I’m not a bad girl, I’m just easily persuaded! *smiles wickedly with devil horns and all*

After dancing and laughing, far too much junk food we sat down for some ghost stories. I think I scared the bejeezus out of poor Dolci. Ahh, she’s a tough girl. What do you say D, is it time for a pillow fight?

Wearing ~

Curlers with red hair from Weird Sh*t
Facial with cukes, nose and chin strips from Total Betty
Fluffy Robe in light blue (includes slippers) from Total Betty
Boyfriend Undies set (includes knee socks) from Devilish Cupcake

Poses from Fluky – Dear Diary, Bunny Ears, Secret

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