Glam Rock

Way back in the day when I was first coming into the know that this virtual world was a shoppers dream I found myself looking for things that were not the common prim mini and corset. Not that there is anything wrong with the common prim mini and corset but when everyone had the same look, well I had to be me and that did not include being one of the herd. I set off to find new sims and interesting shops and I happened upon the most fantastic store, Artilleri! This store was the first place that I had found that was not your run of the mill and things looked…real! Of course I bought one of nearly everything Antonia Marat had created and found that I was finally being Cerrie and not just another resident. I found that it perpetuated a desire delve into this style more as you will see in the outfit I chose for today.

I typically tend to be very mainstream when I shop, thinking in terms of ‘What do I have that I can match and pair this…shirt, skirt, top with?’ So when I come across an item that throws me back to those days when I needed something out of the ordinary, I have to buy it. That is how I felt the instant I saw this dress from Sn@tch. It has this glamorous yet slightly different feel to me…it says to me, ‘Please…mess with me!’ When I slap on my Canimal tatts I all but feel transported to another time and place.

Admission is free, I’ll be here all week. Enjoy the show!

Wearing ~

Skin – Another Skin modification called Smoke Season in tan from Sai Pennell
Tattoos – Body graffiti (Man’s Ruin) from Canimal
Dress – Barfly in purple from Sn@tch

Earrings – Black and White dice earrings from Creat’isa
Bracelet – Kat’s Bangles from Katerina Lytton (group gift)
Necklace – Bound Bolo in black from Last Call
Stockings and Garters – Ripped black from Preen
Shoes – AC Serenity in black from Aphrodite’s Creations
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