Double Trouble

I am not a twin. I have never wanted to be a twin. Though I find them intriguing in the real world, I find it somewhat odd when I see people running around the grid with an identical twin in tow. Well then Dolci and I became the double mint twins and I have to say, it was a blast to look at the two of us and almost not be able to tell who was who. Featuring Another Fundraiser skin. Please tell me you have gone and dropped loads of cash on some wonderful original skins?!?

We took full advantage of the situation to go uber sappy, sweet and good thing no one was around because we would have induced cavaties! This all came about due to a shopping spree at Versteck, we could not pass up a sale. I was skeptical of the store when we first arrived but on closer inspection I found that the outfits, being they separates or full outfits, were visually very appealing.

Bright mixes of color and textures. I was immediately drawn to these dresses and it gave me the idea that Dolci and I should get the opposite colors and do a little goofing around. So happy it worked out. Stop in to Versteck when you have some time and check out the great skirt sets.

This post is also going to be the first in a series of Dolci and Cerrie Do Twindom. This little venture actually sparked more ideas than we could shake a stick at. We didn’t actually have a stick but never the less it should be fun. So once a month we will don some overly adorable threads and bop around the grid! Ohhh, so much to look forward to!

Wearing ~

Skin – Another Skin modification Peacock by Melanie774 Kidd from Mela’s
Dresses – (Cerrie) Reena in Green Purple (Dolci) It’s not actually called anything but Reena…We’ll call it Purple Pink from Versteck
Eyes – Gemstone Eyes in Aquamarine from Inspired
Earrings – Modea hyper color in Diamond and platinum from JCNY
Tights – Light Sheer tintable (tinted to match each others opposite color) from G.L.A.M.
Shoes – Mary Janes from Tesla

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