The Heiress and The Instructor

A widowed heiress decides she has mourned long enough and treats herself to a Mediterranean cruise. She is not used to being without her busy charity filled days, so to occupy her time she decides dance lessons would suit her. She is told Antonio will be her instructor and is assured he is the best on the ship. She readies for her class and walks to the studio where she lays eyes on Antonio.

He is swarthy and handsome and she feels a little catch in her chest as they begin to spin about the dance floor. “Madame you are quite light on your feet” He says. “I’m quite sure you are bringing that out in me.” She responds casually. She can feel his eyes on her but she cannot speak, mearly smiles.

Time passes, conversation is had and she finds herself drawn to this man. They dance tango and waltz and when he spins her into a sway she smiles. This is a dance lesson she will never forget…and they were still dancing when the sun peeked over the horizon.

I simply love stories. I felt a little like Baby in Dirty Dancing in this outfit from Marlys. I bought it when Le Zoo opened and never had an opportunity to wear it. I have to say it was lovely on the dance floor. I dressed it up with recently released diamond choker and cuffs from Second Mirage. I had to have this set after seeing it at their release show. The new line is nothing short of extraordinary and I was happy to have been able to attend the launch.

Wearing ~

Earrings – Modea in diamond and platinum from JCNY
Choker and cuffs – Mysterious from Second Mirage
Gloves – Leather gloves in scarlett from Fleur (formally Tete a Pied)
Outfit – Rhianna’s Retribution in silver (monocle, sweater, hotpants and stockings) from Marlys
Shoes – Black pumps from Celestial Studios

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