Something Wrong Is Oh So Right

I have not been in a fashionable mood. I have been running around in tight, slightly emo looking outfits with makeup that is far too dark. It is suiting me right now. But I recently saw one of the grids fashionistas at a store and she had on a leopard print skirt which reminded me of this skirt I got from Wrong what seems like a million years ago, in fact it was on my very first visit to the store. I will admit I went a bit willy nilly, but I still wear many of the items I bought that first trip.

The pants layer has a studded belt as you can see a bit of it. I am not always a fan of belts that are not prim but this is nicely detailed and it almost looks prim, no odd stretching that I can see. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a shirt that I loved with it that was short enough to show it off.

Now, I am not one to share my hair secrets. Not that you couldn’t figure most out, but I picked this up as a freebie. The other styles in the store (I’m sorry I have no idea where as I wasn’t going to mention this) were cute and some I would have considered getting but the price was a bit steep most being about 250, some 350. It’s not that I won’t spend that on hair if I am over the moon about it, but these styles and textures I can find at almost any hair shop. This free style though doesn’t seem like the other styles. I was happy with how flowing it was. As you see in this last shot the hair actually has enough gravity pull that it looks like it has swept down my face. Nice work, But did you notice I have a huge head? To quote one of my favorite movies, “It’s like an orange on a toothpick”. Note to self, try and mod this hair to be a little more flattering!

Wearing ~

Necklace – Tiki from I [Heart] Juicy (search Lilly Callisto)
Shirt – jam Hoody in brown from Maitreya
Skirt – Leopard Print Mini from WRONG
Leggings – Fishnets in black from WRONG
Shoes – Bloom in Olive from Maitreya
Poses from Juicy, Kawaii set

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