Sitting Pretty

Creating poses is big business these days. And it seems everyone and their neighbor, me included, is blogging about life in this virtual world . Those poses are a pivotal part of blogging and pictures and just walking around the grid. Yes, we all love feeling like a model and sashaying about but let us not forget that seated poses are just as great. They are fun and tough and cute, you name it and you can convey that in a seated pose.

I had seen a picture with someone sitting in the cutest pose. So I wanted to either find it or something equally cute. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I went to a few of the big named shops for poses and though I found a PLETHORA of model poses, cute sits for the ground are just not out there, OK a handful are out there and I never did find the pose I saw in the picture. After an hour and a half of looking and finding some rather questionable poses, I gave up. Let me share with you what I bought. This single pose. ONE. This was the cutest pose I came across that was reasonably priced. This pose is by Ben Stravinsky of Lost Dog Designs. He too had quite a few poses for AO’s but the sit pose was the same for 2 of them and in another it was more of a squat than a sit.

So I am shouting out to our talented pose creators; Sai Pennell, Ana Lutetia, Dove Swanson (though she has some adorable emo sits) and Myllie Writer & Annah Whitfield, among others. And to you I say, these shoes are killing me, can I please sit down?

Wearing ~

Necklace – tOmbOy from Lassitude & Ennui
Shirt – Starling in black from LF Fashions
Jeans – Tilt in dark from Form Femme
Boots – Stiletto boots in black from Blaze

Pose credits: 1st pose Dejezebel’s, 2nd pose part of the dead tree at Quarantine, 3rd pose Lost Dog Designs

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