Under A Blood Red Sky

Unfortunately, I don’t think I can run Windlight on my computer. I know I should try, stranger things have been known to happen. I am however still delighted several times at night when I am in world and I see either a sunrise or a sunset. The red sky just awes me. Then the moon starts to rise and WOW! I am such a sucker for it that I take a ton of snaps at that time of day.

I took these after a friend of mine bought me this incredible jacket in Sinistyle. I ooohed and aahhed over it till he caved! I was going to buy it myself but he got to the Pay button a second faster than I did. It is very high prim but it is still just amazing. It was the incredible detail on the back that drew me to it in the first place, I am always drawn in to primo texturing and Krius Misfit is quite simply fantastic in that department.

The jacket has so many tiny details that really I tried to just keep everything else simple, I threw in a splash of color with the fun sushi hair piece and decided to leave well enough alone.

Sinistyle is dark, edgy and slightly warped if you ask me but it is still a great store and I have been an admirer and consumer for quite some time now. Well worth the trip and most definitely stop in to Refuge while you are there as Trinitee Trilam has a fantastic store as well!

Wearing ~

Jacket – Slither female jacket from Sinistyle
Skirt – part of Horizon in Icy Beige dress from Persona
Hair decoration – Sushi Platter hair piece from Bebe
Piercings – Studded horseshoe septum and 3 labrets from DEEKS

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