Waving the Checkered Flag

So, what do you do when you buy a plot of land right across the “street” from your house? I tell you what you do, you go 250 feet up in the air and you put a race track down, drive willy nilly and plummet to your death. Then you take pictures to celebrate being with the special people in your life. Kim and I decided to be “hood ornaments” and Thomas looked on, appreciatively of course! Racy photos follow (get it…racy…rac…oh nevermind), I thought since VDay is a stones throw away, that it would be OK the burn the feeds up a bit!

This C Class Mercedes was given out awhile ago but it may still be available for free from Akeyo. It is loaded with cool tricks so if you have the means by which to pick one up, I highly recommend it.

Kim and I are wearing a simple ensemble of my favorite items. The shirt from SWA is one of my most sexy feeling tops. It looks great with everything I have paired it with and you can’t see it but it has this cute tie in the back that just adds to it’s sex appeal. The shorts are just hands down HOT and from my understanding a huge hit at the store. You get six slightly different fits in the purchase. Deal there! Pair it with my all time favorite AC Serenity stiletto and it’s off to the races!

Wearing ~

Kim and I:
Necklace – Juicy! Juicy! Juicy! Necklace from La Reina
Top – Cross-Top in red and blue from SWA
Shorts – Undone Jeans in lower (s2) from Free Speerit
Shoes – AC Serenity in black from Aphrodite’s Creations

Will get back to you, he’s not available right now…

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