Heart of Glass

I am totally dating myself with the name of this posting. But what 80’s loving person did not adore Blondie? Granted, I could have done a whole montage as an ode to Debbie Harry, but the men of Blondie were often overlooked. I loved the coordinating looks, the ties, the shoes.

I have been wanting a good pair of Chucks. I have not found that perfect pair but these were entirely too cute to pass up. $500L for these shoes, I know you may be choking, but let me give you the true selling point…they are texture changing. You get 8…count that on one hand (scratches her head) yes 8 pairs of shoes in one. Another nice feature, the shoes change texture independently of each other so you can wear two textures at once and did I mention sculpty? I’m rolling around in happy over here!

The suit is great, the only draw back I could come up with is I would have loved the pants to have been a little shorter, I was trying to achieve a certain look, and as it turns out they are no mod. I realize that I could have chosen differnet pants but they have a great belt.

“Once I had a love and it was a gas. Soon turned out had a heart of glass. Seemed like the real thing, only to find, mucho mistrust, love’s gone behind…” Genius!

Wearing ~

Breazies in Funkified from CMFF
Teardrops in red from Artilleri
Cecile D-Suit from Back and Forth
Invisible tintable socks from Robin Sojourner
Full flavored cigarettes from Johnny’s Come ‘n Munch
Poses Beckham set from Juicy

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