Perfect Place to be Lost

The Lost Gardens of Apollo is most certainly one of my favorite places. Be it the golden glow of the sky, the dreamy music that soothes the most raw nerves, or the fantastic gardens themselves it is a place I go with many of my friends to explore and to have conversations. I feel transported here, and I find I must wear my most lovely, soft outfits here. If Last Call does not fit the bill I don’t know who does.

I know it is not like this outfit is new but as many have pointed out, Last Call is bidding us farewell and as homage to those who did truly change the face of fashion for me as well as for countless others, I wear this dress today as if it is the first time.

Greta is nothing short of fantastic, the billowy sleeves, the layered texture, the gauzy skirt. It’s one of those dresses you see some gorgeous woman running in slow motion on a beach (queue Chariots of Fire theme music) hair whipping in the wind… I know, I’m slightly warped. Paying no mind to my crazytude, this truly a lovely dress and before it goes away forever, I would run over to Last Call and pick one up! I’ll see you on the beach.

Wearing ~

Dress – Greta White Gretian from Last Call
Shoes – AC Serentity in Caramel from Aphrodite’s Creations

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