My Urban Sprawl

I live in a big city, comparatively speaking it is not a hub of urban living but strides are being made. Most of the seriously urban wear is slightly less hip than you would see in LA or New York but we do OK. This look is based on a number of theater shows I have seen come through town. RENT and a ballet actually that was created especially for our city with members of our own ballet was quite the talk of town and so outside of the box for many arts patrons, but it lit my eyes up with the wardrobe.

Dutch Touch is a favorite store of mine. I saw it long ago at The Block and bought several outfits and then went back when the main store opened and did some serious damage to my money count. I love the layering and the mix and match appeal. I could go for a month on the outfits I have and come up with a different look every day.

I used pieces from two of the newer outfits today and dressed it up with great pieces from Pushbutton Industries, a must see store at Le Zoo, and Shiny Things. Oh and this last picture my friend took with her Windlight viewer. I am so jealous! Look at how great the textures look? I love that the fire escape actually looks like a fire escape. Ehh, someday it will be mine. Thanks Kim for the picture!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Tri-Hoop from Celestial Studios
Cuff and Choker – Recycled Jewelry from Shiny Things
Outfit – UPS (using various pieces) from Dutch Touch
Belt – Electrical Belt with plug Pushbutton Industries
Tights – Fishnets from Afri outfit Dutch Touch
Socks – Ribbed Knee Sock in black from Fleur
Boots – Glossy boot in black with color changing laces HUD from Shiny Things

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