My World in Black and White

I have had an idea for a post like this for awhile now. It actually started forming with Silent (Kyoot Army and Photosphere) opening and my being able to get a look at all of the hidden places and shops on the sim. I picked up a demo from Coif and continued my look-see. Days later when I had time to look at the hair I found them, I must say, a little odd but I was still intrigued and picked out a few that I liked and would stave away from when the mood struck.

I picked up bits and piece for this look. The outfit from Last Call, a freebie cigarette holder at Christmas time, Shiny Things had a fantastic sale. Then Thimbles (Home of the adorable plaid jacket) sent a notice out: New Items! I took a look and there was a great top with this huge shoulder bow and well it was time to put the look together. Back to Coif I went and with some help determined this was the best hat/hair combination.

I feel a little like Cruella DeVille with markedly less spots. I actually took the pictures in Coif but any numbers of places at the Silent sim would have been great. It is dark, shadowed and a black and white dream. In short if you have not been you should make a trip over, look in every store and make sure to venture off the main strip to explore and revel at what Saeya Nyanda has created.

Wearing ~

Hair – Ghost from Coif
Earrings – Teardrop Earrings in red from Artilleri
Cigarette holder from Musee Aleixandre
Shoulder Accessory – Vesticle in Onyx shoulder bow from Thimbles
Outfit – Rebecca High waisted pants outfit (worn with Smooth legs) from Last Call
Skirt – Feather Tutu tinted red from…a box of Freebies when box hunting was the “In” thing for a newb to do…
Shoes – Classics in black Cherry from Shiny Things

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