We Missed the Train

Kim, Dolci and I had an attack of vintage love and decided we wanted pictures by a great train, steam, conductor very Hogwartsesque. Do you think we could find that in this virtual world …the place where your wildest ideas can actually come to fruition? No…so after well over and hour of searching and hunting and frustrating teleports we went to Caledon and found a train depot.

The tracks gave us hope. A few souls visted us as we eagerly anticipated the train. A few of our friends TP’d in for a chat. We went across the tracks to visit a few stores. We tied Dolci to the tracks because in the movies that always makes the train come faster. There were a few crashes and I think I even left for a few minutes to look for a pose ball.

We waited with baited breath and finally I called out, “Ok, I have taken enough pictures”. Kim was tired, Dolci had friends to visit and I was still clinging to the hope the train would come by. I am feeling like this may be a deserted Depot…I’m totally dejected…wait, is that…nope.

Wearing ~

Dolci (In White)
Hair decoration – Butterfly from Minajunk
Stole – White Fox Stole (from Silver Screen outfit) Icing
Earrings – Juliet from Adorned
Choker – Freshwater Pearl Choker with golden clasp from La Contesse
Dress – Francoise from Boss Nova (free in Christmas hunt
Shoes – AC Vintish in Silverish from Aphrodite’s Creations

Kim (In Blue)
Hat – Heather (with modified texture) from Elegance Hats Boutique
Dress – Holiday Party from Icing
Gloves – Part of the Norma outfit from Bossa Nova
Shoes – AC Serenity in Silverwhite from Aphrodite’s Creations

Cerrie (In Pink)
Valencia hat from Mercury Couture
Drop earings form untone Quilt (free gift)
Stole – Fur Cape in brown from Redgrave
Dress – Syusu in rose from DP Serendipity
Gloves – Fur in brown from Atelier AM (Aya)
Ruffle boots in chocolate from Shiny Things

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