The Bold, The Beautiful, The Heroic

I have a good friend, Batts Larsson,who is part of a great store, Heroic Life. If you have ever looked for a super hero costume you have more than likely been there. Hands down Heroic has the BEST Wonder Woman costume in all of Second Life and a whole host of other wonderful creations.

Batts, Kim and I put our most Heroic faces on last night to off some of the Heroic Life’s great costumes. Right now a 50% off sale is going on through the end of the month. You should check out the Superman line and SuperGirl. Above I am wearing Phoenix in green, Batts is Superman Prime and Kim is Power Girl. Also make sure and stop by the store for the great freebie.

I love it when Heroes get friendly! Above we have Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and SuperGirl. Below also includes the Standard Superman costume and Booster Gold.

Batts also has a Roman inspired mall and combat arena. The mall has quite a few that specialize in costuming like A Touch of Ireland and Weird Shit and others that dabble and have great costume lines like Adored Clothing and Szentasha. It is sort of a one stop shop and is worth a look. A big party is planned for this coming Saturday. So stop in to Heroic Life and take advantage of the sale or the mall, and drop on by for fun and prizes.

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