She Wore Lemon

I don’t know how some of you bloggers do it! I get horribly uncreative and finding something that floats my boat enough to blog about it can be a real challenge. I tried on a lot to arrive at this final outfit. I knew I wanted to blog about this skin from Gigi Couture, that is a modification to Another Skin from Eloh, but being as that it is so bright and out there, it needed something either equally as bright and out there or something at the very least was going to enhance and make it shine.

I tried to think of the brightest, most colorful place I knew and I came up with Caribe. I don’t think I could choose a favorite store here but I knew the store that would brighten me up, Surf Co. Great hand drawn clothing that are sexy and relaxed. The store is simply brimming with color! I got this plunging tied polo top and “Cute” pants and found myself faced with a dilemma. I could take this outfit to tragically cute with either sneakers or flip flops, maybe even the ballet flats that are one of the reasons this store is so popular or I can take it to edgy sexy with a pair of heels.

Wisely, I consulted a man and the resounding “Heels, yes definitely heels!” had me running for Maitreya. I have so been looking for a reason to buy these fantastically yellow heels! My friend was right…heels made all the difference. Love it, love it love! Yellow is my new pink!

Wearing ~

Skin – Paramore skin from Gigi Couture
Eyelashes – Deco lashes from Cake
Earrings – Hoop Earrings in gold that a friend gave me, can’t find a where from though
Top – Tie Back Polo in yellow Sand Shack Surf Co.
Pants – Cute Butt Lounge pants in brown Sand Shack Surf Co.
Shoes – Slinky Stilettos in yellow from Maitreya

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