Lips Like Sugar

Generally speaking, this is not my style. I can certainly be a girly girl but I think that falls more in the lines of a projected mindset, a way of being. I find Lolita dresses sweet and cute. It makes me feel like a doll or that I should be ingesting mad quantities of sweets, amounts that would rival the outfit itself. I can’t say as that I had any of the makings for this outfit in my inventory. I actually had to look. There are some great store out there that specialize in this look. Edelweiss, Honey Kitty, and too many stores to name at LicoLico’s mall.

So when I started this hunt a few days ago all I knew is that I wanted it to be pink. I know I have been around and have seen what I had in my minds eye but sometimes it is better to just go with something that catches your eye. I could still be looking now. Wearily tp’ing to sim after sim and never find it again. But I digress. This dress is terribly cute. I love lace and there is no short supply of it here. The only thing that would have made it perfection is if it had been dragonflies instead of butterflies, butters work though. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t come with matching socks and head piece.

Not to fret my dear dozen readers or so…a quick walk out into the vendor area at Lico had me well entrenched in the butter zone of socks, shoes, skins, eyes, you name it, it could be found! I didn’t need to go far in fact there was a one stop shop for the items I wanted. The socks at 10L for two socks and mix and match lace cuffs was a no brainer. The boots I modified; they are originally black and though that would not have been bad it was not what I wanted. I colored the already white ribbon slapped on another ridiculously priced head piece (10L for I think 8 different colors) and tada!! Uber sweet, cute, pink girl! My little adventure was fun and left me with a sugar high for hours. Being that pink takes work. I don’t know how Gogo does it!

Wearing ~

Head Piece – Hair Dress in bebe pink from Andalusite
Dress – Whitebutterfly in pink from LicoLico
Socks – Ribbon Socks type-B in Pinks (tinted socks and ribbons) from Andalusite
Shoes – half boots with white ribbon (tinted white and pink) from Andalusite

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