An American In Paris

Only in this virtual world could I say, “I want to wear a daring evening gown to wander the streets of Paris” And since this is my virtual life, I did just that. I had gotten notice from Tuli’s group that she was having a 50% off sale on some of her items that she will be retiring so off I go to LeZoo. I love the Le Zoo store, it has a tree in the middle, I’m odd but that is so cool! I locate the sale items, drool over a great many of them, and buy some more skimpy items and this luscious dress. The Allison dress is simple but I think it is a knock out. I love the drape of the neck the silver filigree straps and dress detail. The color itself is not truly navy, maybe a bit indigo, it is rich and matte; it also comes in a I think 2 other colors equally of the charts

I wander over and I am struck by hair from Aden Breyer. Does she know how to bang out some hair or what? It is tousled and messy yet in this exotic and fanciful way. I love the hairline, and the texture, it has depth and dang if it isn’t just hands down sexy!

So I had the dress I had the hair and my trip to the Skin Fair 2008 was brief (oh and how lagtastic) to pick up a few demos. Now let me tell you, Stephanie Misfit of La Sylphide has hit a home run with her new Ingrid line. It is smoking hot. I ooohhed and aaahhed over every single makeup variation! The lips are glossy and create a perfect pout, the eyebrows are realistic and excellently shaped and hello dreamy eye makeup! I debated for at least 30 minutes before settling on the smokey eye. I know I will go back and shamelessly throw more moolah at her. Well deserved, the line is fantastic!

And because the world is round and terribly small, I am just this morning standing in La Sylphide purchasing, when who should pop in but Aden Breyer. I‘m a huge fan, I blather on and I mention I can’t get one of the styles to fit my head and gracious Aden offers to help me out. (Note to self, go buy more Aden hair because that was ever so nice of her) Well what a good day it has started out to be. I danced in the street of Paris, spoke to fabulous content creator and spoiled myself silly with lovely skin.

Wearing ~

Earrings – Gutted Hoop in silver from {Junk}
Dress – Allison Prelude in navy (?) from Tuli
Shoes – Slinky Stiletto in black from Maitreya

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