A Skin Thing

This is the best vest ever! It is poofy, it is fur trimmed, it is one piece and I didn’t need to mod a thing, it fit perfectly! When I had tried on the demo a few days ago I was, I will admit, sans clothes, and noticed that it covered all of the bits that I don’t flash all over the feeds. And it was still sexeh! So I decided to build this look around it. Added bonus to the vest; the fur is color changing. Lovely little blue menu pop up and you can choose from a handful of colors. I do love options!

Since the vest had that certain sex appeal I needed pants that were a cut above and the sex factor as well. Enter Sugar & Spice, another side of Amerie Naughty. I feverishly looked for these pants. I visited 5 of Amerie Spitteler’s stores before acutally reading what the picks in her profile said. The pants come in two colors, grey or blue and two length styles, classic jean or capri. I didn’t see they came in a fat pack but there are several pre-constructed outfits that are well worth the price tags.

This very well might be my most favorite posting. The pictures were taken at Little Heaven and since my computer moves like molasses in a blizzard my dearest Thomas took these pictures for me and he has windlight. Gah, I’m so jealous! I love to see his perspective. Interesting how someone else see you. Hurray for booN, hurray for Sugar & Spice, hurray for Windlight.

Wearing ~

Earrings – Peacock Eye Earrings in Red from {Junk}
Vest – Down Vest SLB Black from booN
Bikini top – Pussy Cat top part of outfit from a collaboration between Celestial Studios & Last Call
Pants – Lace pants in blue from Sugar & Spice
Shoes – Enchants Antie’s Black from Maitreya

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