Victorian Tea for Two

Twinkiedom take Two! Dolci and I thought a lovely afternoon tea would be splendid. There is no better a spot for tea than in Caledon. So we sat in the parlor, sipped out tea and nibbled at cake. I will not say a little neighborhood gossip didn’t pass between us, but can you believe that Marjory, she just…well nevermind.

Tea is perfectly lovely but after a spell we decided a little stroll would suit us. Do you just love the bustle butts or what? A bit about our outfits, they are a 1855 Bustle Dress replica. You can’t see it unless zoomed close but a lovely lace glove and lace stocking. As a separate purchase there is a fur trimmed winter muff.

There is a great attention to detail and the shine of satin and the lace touches really do make these dresses worth the fairly steep price tag. There is certainly beauty in the details. Stay tuned for the next installment.

Wearing ~

Earrings – Peacock Eye earrings Cerrie in Purple, Dolci in Blue from {Junk}
Dress – Chinoise Bustle dress Cerrie in Sunset, Dolci in Oiseau from T.Lightfoot Designs
Shoes – Elizabeth Lace-up ankle boot in London/Silver from Lassitude & Ennui

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