Missing You…

I essentially got stood up last night. Yes, there was a valid reason for breaking our date but none the less I was on my own. So I put on one of his shirts and hats to bring him a little closer to me. Nina Simone croons in the background, a glass of wine, and thoughts of that special one. Not quite like having him there but it will do.

This shirt from Yip’s Mens Store is just perfect. She has a funny little notecard in there to “Spencer” saying she had stolen it from his locker when he was at practice. Then she tauntingly asks if he wants it back. It is a terribly sexy idea if not a little stalkerish that the shirt was snagged in the first place. There is something about wearing a mans shirt that is terribly delicious.

Now let me take a moment to talk about poses. KMADD put out a great guide as to what you should look for in AO’s and poses. Included was a shopping guide that really breaks it down for you. If you didn’t get a copy of this guide and would like one, IM me in world and I will pass you a copy. One of the faved spots on their list went to LAP (Long Awkward Pose) by Dove Swanson. I cannot say I disagree. Her pose packs are great, fun, cute, sexy! You name it there is something for everyone there. The poses I am using are from the freebies she gave out when her store opened. Great sets, very sexy. …JJ, see what you missed?

Wearing ~

Shirt – Spencer in gold from Yip
Stockings – Black seam from PREEN
Garters – Black from PREEN
Shoes – Paris boot in silver from Digit Darkes
Panty – Vintage Lace in black from RAC

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