The Skintastic Annyka Bekkers

While out on my adventures, I ran into Annyka Bekkers, creator behind Blowpop Skins. I met Annyka when she very first came on the scene. She is just the nicest to talk to. Never seems rushed or busy and is just a genuine gal! We had a really nice conversation about skins and how they play in the fashion scene, about her successes and about how she handled the release of her new Mellie3 line as compared to Mellie2.

Mellie3 skins in Carmel tone

She was nice enough to drop 2 sets on me to review. I have always been a fan of her skins and expressed as much so I was just tickled to have gotten these. I love the eye make-up and the lips colors! Mellie3 comes in 9 different make-up styles and yes I have 8 pictured and dang if I can figure out which I missed! Tonw and Country is my favorite the others are The Ingenue, Sharkskin, The Sophisticate, London Bridge, Burlesque, Dear Brigitte, G-Girl, and Nekkid. Each style is retailed at $1250 a bit steep but there are 8 variations of the skin enclosed; black eyebrows with trim, or sans trim, and freckles with trim and freckles sans trim. You have all of that in brown as well.

Mellie3 selection in Honey Skin Tone

As for the skin tones they are not bad. The Carmel is a little more olive toned but it is still nice. I do wish it was a bit brighter. The tummy, specifically the belly button, is nice and realistic looking with not too much shadow or shading. I know the ears were corrected on the Mellie2 and they are great in this new release as well. The shading on the back is a bit dark and heavy though and the hands are hard to see. I would love to see a bit of shine on the nails and maybe a bit more shading on the fingers and well.

In all I love them, especially the Honey skin tone! As I told Annyka, I am a supporter of the little guy and I think she has a good product and well she is just nice. So make sure and check them out. She has a shop at Skin Fair and as well as other locations in world.

Wearing ~

Earrings – Bird in a Cage in silver Yummy
Dress – Eva from Artilleri
Shoes – Complicity in Cheetah from Baroque

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