Here Comes The Sun

This outfit is all about newness. Yellow is my new favorite color for some reason. I think it is because I am tired of winter and tired of white and cold. I am ready for sun and heat and sandals. With that being said, Ryker Beck’s store branding is complete and she presents us with Lix Designs. When I read the notecard about the new store and branding this short sleeve cowl neck sweater in freesia caught my eye; one because I love the short sculpty sleeves and two hello pretty yellow. The store is really bright and I essentially bathed in happy while I was there!

I tried on a few bottoms before I resigned myself to needing to go and purchase that shirt at Cubic Effect that I have been agonizing over. So I eagerly put on the skirt and well my AO makes it look like coolots. Cute coolots but nonetheless not really like a lovely tiered skirt. I still love how it wears on my hips and the legs, the billowy look does give it the tiered look. I may have to try it with a shirt that is not a jacket layer and thus so long. Speaking of that the Lix sweater only comes in one layer sweater. I’m advocating for layers; it just is always nice to have options!

Then ages ago, that is relative as we are talking virtual time, I was alerted to a mall that had Japanese designed freebies. There were so many shops but I took the time and looked at every single one and was not disappointed with other free items and shops with simply fantastic goods. J’s was one of those shops. The boots here are pricey but oh so cute. I grabbed all the demos and was stealing away for the day I “had” to have them. In the great piles of inventory I collected I frankly forgot about them. So when a friend said he needed cowboy boots J’s came immediately to mind, we tp’d over and hmmm the boots I loved in this great brown. I had to have them. They come with two different styles of uppers, one with bow and the style I have on without.

And for some reason I felt equestrianesque. These are the fanciest horses I have ever seen. Their skin actually quivers like a real horse bothered by a fly, they make naying sounds, and clop their hooves on the ground. The one grazing, its mouth actually moves to make it more realistic. No road apples, thank goodness for small favors!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Bird Earrings from Mercury
Sweater – Cowl neck sweater in freesia from LIX Designs
Skirt – Tiered Skirt in beige from Cubic Effect
Boots – Goth Ribbon Laceup Boots in brown from J’s

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