Feng Shui

When I lack creative juice, I rely on my friends to give me a nudge. I was a step drier than the Sahara last night; a friend said red. That got me digging around in my inventory when I remembered picking up the Atomic set from Last Call.

This shirt is part of a retired set that was just put back out for the final three weeks of the sale. The shirt is completely sheer aside from well placed ribbons of material down the front and a applique in the back between the shoulder blades. It has great wrinkles and you can almost feel it hugging against your skin. The set comes with several other colors as well.

I didn’t really want to wear the jeans that came with the set but nothing was looking right. Skirts were too high waisted or didn’t mirror the sexiness. I finally landed on metallic tights from Armidi. Armidi always to the rescue. Sexy doesn’t require alot, I think alot of it is in the presentation. Nah, maybe it is all in the attitude.

Wearing ~

Shirt – Atomic top in Wine (part of outfit) from Last Call
Pants – Metallic tights in black from Armidi Limited
Shoes – AC Serenity in black from Aphrodite’s Creations

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