Victim Cerrie

I was lounging by this lovely pond and minding my own affair when I heard some splashing about. Said splashing stoppped and I went back to my relaxation. A little later on I decided that some shopping might be fun. I TP’d off to a store and was met with screams of terror, pointing fingers, running and cowering at my approach. I thought perhaps I was sans clothes, but then someone screamed “What is that thing on your head?!?”

Fear pulsed through me…. I slowly cammed around and there on my fabulous Aden hair was….an evil green toothy tadpole. PANIC! I yelled for help and a brave soul stood up. I swung my body around and she gripped the tail. Oh it fought with a vengence. Was I to be the next meal for this slimy green creature? She pulled, she yanked but it would not disengage my noggin.

Hours have now passed. I have nicknamed my new friend Grip. Aside from the piercing teeth and the steady stream of drool running down my neck, he’s not so bad. Well that and a mild case of halatosis. I think Grip wants my Aden hair. This is not likely to happen. Maybe I will bring him over to Aden’s shop to see if he fancies something else….

Wearing ~

Shirt – Bird and Star from Tre Blah (at the Gnubie Store)
Pants – TB Cuffs from Tre Blah
Shoes – Lycee Slippers in pink from Lycee

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