Tabhair ‘om póg, is Éireannach mé

I have not a pint of Irish in me. In fact I don’t have any Irish in me but that does not stop me from embracing the fun of the holiday! I have been busily scurrying around the grid snatching up goodies in ever shade of green to decorate myself.

I hit ETD and snatched up the 5 clovers of love, what is not to love about ETD? Then I hit Bewitched, 17 items in the form of clovers and wee pots of gold. I ran away with more hair that I could know what to do with! LVS had a good hunt, how adorable was that Lucky Charms belt? I grabbed goodies from FreeSpeerit and Steallar Designs, horded items over at Coquette and Mojo. Let us not forget the fantastic skin Canimal put out.

Whew, I ran my little green covered booty off over at the Dublin sim. 30 questions that really taught me alot about Ireland and Dublin in the process. It certainly was not as easy and one may have though. Yes, a little collaboration had to happen; Elusyve Jewell and a little chap named Seamus were my cohorts. Now I am anxiously waiting to see how I did!

I am now gonna sit back with a pint and bask in the glory of the treasures I found at the end of the rainbow! Oh and you can kiss, I’m Irish! LOL

Wearing ~

Hair – Knotted in Platinum Green from ETD Hunt
Glasses – Oversized Square in Lucky Green from ETD Hunt
Dress – Sparkle dress from Mojo
Skin – I think it is Guinness Skin (it might be called Shamrock skin?) from Fab Free group
Shoes – Wedge Pumps in Silver from ETD hunt

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