Little Girl Blue

Last night while tooling around the grid looking for something that would catch my eye and thus be blog worthy I landed myself at Rosemar. Rosemary Galbraith’s store is enormous, HUGE! And relatively empty. I was there the other day during lagfest of St. Patty’s weekend and thought “Surely, there must be more. Maybe I am lagged out.” Not really having the time to spend I hopped off to other locations.

So when I went back last night with decidedly less lag, well there was still nothing much on the walls. Since no one was around I decided to try and put an outfit together. I hovered there in the air for what must have been 30 or 40 minutes. I though I had finally arrived on an outfit when over my shoulder, something appears on the wall. My initial thought was “Wow, that is a heck of a lag if it took that long to show up.” I cammed around and there she was; little Rosemary with wild poofy hair hanging up a new vendor in the store.

I shouted over a laugh and a hello and she comes skipping over. Now, I promised I would not say anything but funny if little Rosemary was not completely in the buff. A little modesty and an outfit later I purchase one of her newly placed items (in blue cause I had been looking for something blue) when inventory arrives…Ne’er Do Well (IN BLUE) It is this terribly adorable dress that she has yet to put up for sale. I am jumping around with joy, well it could be the crazy gesture she passed to me as well, but that is neither here nor there. She told me that the dress will come in 12 colors. She tried a few of them on and they are just too cute. I strongly urge you to run over to Rosemar, check out her insanely gigantic line of skins, snatch up the free look-see near the front desk, buy a few outfits and revel in what is The GREAT Rosemar…Rosemary Galbraith.

Wearing ~

Earrings – Diamond Stud from Caroline’s
Dress – Ne’er Do Well in blue from Rosemar
Bracelet – Graduated Diamond bracelet from Caroline’s
Shoes – Ribbon boots in white with color changing HUD laces in grey from Shiny Things

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