Bow, My Minions!

The only thing I keep thinking is I’m a pretty prinny princess. I have no idea what prinny means. I guess it is like an obnoxious princess thing…princess…prin…prinny. Anyhoo! I felt just that last night whee I put on the little red dress from Total Betty. It has pretty sparkles on it in the form of rhinestones that dot the neckline and straps and a lovely little starburst at the hip.

It has mounds of rhinestone crusted tuile that unfortunately show the system skirt it my walk and just about all the poses I did but it is still just a really pretty outfit. I put on that fabulous hair that RAC gave out at valentines day and the little crown from Violet Voltaire. Now I am a Wicked Prinny!

And because I was just too sweet I needed to funk it up a bit so I put on zebra tights from Sheer. Now all I need is minions to adore me. And in my kingdom, I AM the almighty Queen!

Wearing ~

Crown – Wicked Little Crown in red from Violet Voltaire
Dress – (I have no clue, I was tired) from Totally Betty
Tights – Zebra from Sheer (these were free, might still be
Shoes – AC Serenity in black for Aphrodite’s Creations

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