Wine, Now I Need the Roses

I pretend to not love Armidi when in fact I secretly covet them. Well more like I covet the few pieces I own and drool over the things I don’t have. I go to the stores, look, take stock and sometimes an item so lights me up that I have no choice but to give in and snatch it up. This gorgeous sweater in eggplant was just such an item. I didn’t even need to debate this purchase. The color is like a deep red wine and how I do love a good red.

The sexy plunging neckline adds just the right amount of sexy and the flared cuffs and base add interesting textures to the overall. I have tried this sweater on with just about every single pant, skirt and tights option in my inventory. It looks great with jeans, not quite right with skirts and a hint too short to be worn with just tights. I saw these shorts at Savvy Avvy and immediately knew I have found the perfect pairing.

Lastly, how did I ever get by without Shiny Things ribbon boots? I sprung for the color changing HUD and it was the best money I have spent. Fallingwater Cellardoor recently had a group sale of her sculpty shoes. I drug just about everyone I know to her store. And we all have happy feet. If you missed out on the sale and you don’t have her boots, for certainly make a trip over. Sale or not they are worth the money!

Wearing ~

Sweater – Boucle Low Cut Tunic in eggplant from Armidi Limited
Necklace – Mixtape Necklace in gold from Yummy
Handbag – Mini-trunk -M from Sey
Shorts – Bumhugger jeans shorts- brown faded from Savvy Avvy
Socks – Slouch Socks in aubergine from Maitreya
Shoes – Chunky Ribbon Boot in brown from Shiny Things

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