And the Nightmare Begins…

Kim and I at the MiaSofia hunt

I am joining a chocolate addiction group! I did not think it was possible for one to be hung over from chocolate but I assure you….it is! In a manner of speaking I was all things bunny this weekend. Starting Friday I was in cute over drive wearing every pink, pastel, frilly, lacey frock I had. (I am ready for something new) But what I really came to realize…Holy mounds of stuff! My inventory is litterally frightening me. I have no idea how on Earth I am going to get it under control. I need to dump at leat 30% of what I have. I don’t see any hunt worthy holidays for some time and I think I must avoid them at all costs until I get things under control.

Poor Kim, one too many hunts for this little bunny

Rebel Hope Hunt, just me monkey-ing around

I hit so many hunts I lost count. I do have a few choice faves that I would not have missed. Rebel Hope, MiaSofia, Sim to Sim had a few stops that were a must, Grid Wide by Vain, and Retrology. Honorable mentions: Lix, LVS, and Digital Knickers.

Kimbunny and I taking a break

Now I am about to head off into seclusion to sort inventory. I’ve tied a life line to myself, if you don’t hear from me in a month, give a tug…

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