A Statement In Black

As I mentioned, I have tons of sorting to take care of. So yesterday, as I was sorting, I decided to wear a few of the items that I had picked up over the weekend. This great blouse I got at the Relay for Life Clothing Fair. It is a very sexy plunging wrap blouse that ties on the side. It must be eye catching as some random bloke told me I looked hot and offered to try out pose balls with me when I was at Bits & Bobs…how helpful :

My shoes are from a hunt at 69. Six fabulous pairs of shoes in two different styles were to be found. Now there are plenty of shoe stores that say “Hey, come and hunt for my shoes” You zip over and eagerly search for numerous boxes, run home and with stars in your eyes and joy in your heart you open the boxes and try on the shoes only to be let down. The quality is horrendous and newbish and the creator knew this so they tried to cover it up and blind you with 80 bling scripts. Dejectedly you take them off and toss them out. I am happy to report that 69 did right by us. These are top quality sculpted shoes and I am all a flutter about them. Not only are they fabulous is every way but she was smart enough to actually give you colors that you will wear. Black, red, white, pink, blue…granted I would have swooned over a green pair but I have already worn 3 of the 6 pairs!

I completed the out fit with a favorite pair of gauchos and one of the most stunning items in my inventory the Wilted Wednesday collar and vest. I secretly love Saeya Nyanda. I have said this all before, she is incredibly talented. Not much has come out of her store since the Silent sim opened, but I am anixiously anticipating new goodness.

Wearing ~

Earrings – Dangle Ball from Yummy
Vest & Collar – Wilted Wednesday from Kyoot Army
Blouse – Paige in white from Adored Clothing
Gloves – Wrist Slits v.1 from Kyoot Army
Pants – Sailor Plaid Gauchos from Boing Fromage
Hose – Brown Seam Hose in brown from Battered Boudoir (part of Retrology Easter Egg Hunt)
Shoes – Nightmare in black from ::69::

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