OMG, I’m on a Wall

Yes, this is yours truly staring out at you from the wall at Canimal’s main shop. Yesterday in my sheer boredom at work I decided to look-see around at some blogs that I don’t regular (and now will be) and that lead me off to Flickr. After more digging and hopping around I landed at Canimal Zephyr’s group page; from there to her blog and it seems she will post your picture in her store if she fancies your post on Flickr.

I remembered that I had worn one of her dresses in the Sugar n’ Spice post and I thought ‘What the heck…’ and I uploaded it. Didn’t really think another thing of it until I checked my mail this morning and saw that Canimal had sent me a message saying “Hi! I wanna post your poster in my store from flickr…” I let out a whoop and logged in. How terribly exciting, so I sent her a message saying yes of course, I would send it to her.

Then she wanted to know about the hair I had on and after much digging around, have I mentioned how awful my inventory is, I shared with her the LM and she said the poster was being made and would be up on the wall in a matter of minutes. I raced over, bought some headphones while I waited and she popped in. YAY me!! I’m on the wall, she said I looked really pretty in the picture and gosh, famous person saying that. Wowzers! I am totally star struck, I’m such a dork. So there is me doing my celebratory, fist pumping, Giggidy Giggidy Giggidy heel kick dance!

Wearing ~

Scarf – Funky scarf in orange with threads fro Artilleri
Shirt – Panda Tee from Bagley
Belt – Pyramid Stud belt with chain from Artilleri
Jeans – Ripped jeans in black from Fetch Alternative
Legwarmers – part of Shoe and legwarmer set from Wrong & Reaction
Shoes – AC Cherries in charcoal from Aphrodite’s Creations (Whoo hoo new stuff)

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