Love Reignited

OK, so no outfit today, but as I was pouring over feeds I saw that Starley Therian of Celestial Studios has put out a few new items. I have to admit, my love affair with CS has waned. Her line used to be the only skin I wore, like many, and that was part of the problem for me. I love to be my own thing, and the grid is only so big. So when I started seeing my face on everyone else, well I knew it was time for a change.

I had originally found CS because of shoes, I saw someone who had the cutest pair of heels and after a bit of peaking I found myself standing on the steps of Celestial Studios (insert dramatic chanting music here) I bought jeans and belts, fantastic little tops and I think a wig or two. I didn’t even look at the skins on my first few visits. Then word got out she had a great line and yes, it is everything people had touted it to be and so I bought…and bought…and bought.

These new designs have renewed my interest! I have not had a chance to go and check the items out myself but I am very much looking forward to stepping back in to see what I have missed. How delicious is that little yellow dress? Her post showed the black top in a lovely grey that was actually what piqued my initial deeper look. Ohh the excitement…I’m counting the minutes.

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