Finding Solace

I got this beautiful flouncy dress from the Retrology Hunt (Thank you Jade Carnot for helping me find the egg) It has a beautiful flowing skirt, the bodice has a nice look of folded or gathered silk and simple cap sleeves. The color is the most eye catching deep purple and I do have the pictures really stylized which enhances the already vivid color. I dressed it up with a simple collar necklace and dangle earrings.

I have been hearing about La Reve and I finally had a chance to go last night. What a stunning build! The saturation of color I’m sure is staggering with Windlight but I was still just over the moon about it’s look. To me it seems like the lost city of Atlantis surfaced; statues, columns, twisted vegetation. I was there very late and no one was there. It was quiet and peaceful and being submerged in that kind of visually stimulating solitude was like having a hour long Swedish massage. All of it together make for a truly unique and relaxing experience!

**EDIT** As an aside, it seem Creamy Cooljoke and I had much the same idea in our posts, one being location and two being the poses. I just noticed this today and she had posted it yesterday. True coincidence I assure you!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Lily Hyper-Gems from JCNY Collection
Dress – Lorna in purple from Ivalde
Necklace – Venti “Runway Edition” from JCNY Collection
Shoes -Barcelona Slingback in white from Armidi Gisaci

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