Virtual Life Imitating Art

The title of this post is as true in this virtual world as it is in real life. Life imitates art. Our fantastic content creators take imagery, be that visual or physical, to drive them in a direction that will help them create. Some solely rely on what their minds can conceive and bring it to fruition. It is an enviable thing for me! I love to shop and have been to many incredible stores and I am constantly floored at what goes into creating these little works of art that we adorn ourselves with.

I have articles of clothing in my inventory that make me feel completely sexy. Items with plunging necklines, backless pieces that give you a hint, or even sweeping hair that covers just what it should. But under it all, pardon the pun, nothing compares to what lingerie will do for your overall sexy. With that being said Insolence is my new object of awe and admiration. Subtle, sexy, impeccably created and much of it free as it turns out not that I will not and have not dropped a pretty penny on goodies from this shop.

Below you will find an exhibition, I am full of these little quips today, of a few of my newest and sexiest little numbers. A giant thank you to camilla Yosuke for one her generosity and two for her painstaking attention to detail that shows in her skins, her shoes and her incredible lingerie.

Wearing ~ (In order as shown)

Salome Cream Sheer Basque Outfit
Sulkie Tulle Ensemble
Cerise Spring Outfit
Laure Emerald Corset Set

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